Rise to the Challenge!   

Torqued Up Legends is a merciless multiplayer racing game. It offers its users no mercy, ease of play, or convenient self driving help. Learn to drive like a champion or go up in blaze of glory. This isn't your grandma’s cart racer. 


Define your own path as you ram opponents, launch off cliffs and smash through barricades.

Your biggest opponent is the track itself. One wrong move will wreck your ride and lose your lead.

From the backyard boggers to the drift kings, there is a Legend for every motorhead.

Choose your Legend

Legends are made, tuned to perfection and optimized for one reason: win at all costs or destroy yourself trying. Each course is designed with a specific race style in mind except where worlds collide and brute force tries to tango with speed and performance.




Built for speed rather than comfort, these monsters tear up the tarmac at break neck speeds. Literally.

Imagine trying to ride a buffalo at 70mph. These mammoths tear through terrain and leave no prisoners.


 MEET the Legends  

Click for Legend Bio

Pimp that $#!t

When it comes to fame and glory, winning only takes you so far. Flashy custom paint jobs, fierce battle accessories, and obnoxious horns are where it’s at. Nothing quite leaves an impression like smearing your truck nuts across their windshield while you cross the finish line.


Go as cool or whacky as you want!

Soup it up , Trick it out!


Hordes of bumpers and fenders to customize your rig.


Nothing is cooler then a high performance police car.


Get a little nutty.

Kick the tires, light fires & get TORQUED UP!


Offering specialized tracks and hidden shortcuts that allow even the fastest cars to get rekt by a lemon on wheels.

With 4 different biomes and 20 unique race tracks. Torqued up Legends offers an array of performance, off-road and the anything-goes tracks, where everyone faces off in a mad dash to the finish.

Get Rich or Get Rekt!

Sure, you can pit your skills against opponents all day long, but what really matters is getting paid for it. How confident are you in your ability to win? How many credits would you bet on your victory? It’s time to go big or go home. Careful though: if you’re not first you’re last.