Early Access is Live!

Multiplayer status:

The early access is live! Thank you for your contributions and please follow our discord for news and updates. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions and post bugs.

Torqued Up Discord

Road to full launch:

Immediate fixes:

While Population is low and match making takes a bit of time. We have now made all practice tracks free and available to all Early Access players. We are working on an update to allow the user to add bots to any practice track. This is your chance to find all the hidden short cuts on the mix tracks. Looking to test your skills? Match up with some of our community discord members and sync up on multiplayer racing.

Constant and continual update to the vehicle libraries.

Constant and continual track updates.

-Short cuts currently benefit both types of vehicles and soon will only benefit off road vehicles.

Working towards perfecting the boost and boost torpedo.

Working towards stat tracking.

Working towards improved boost system.

Phase 2: Attack and defend (post launch)

- Weaponized boost mechanics

- Defense against boost and slowing down vehicles.


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