Early Access Launch Dec 28th

Hello Legends!

We are excited to announce that an Early Access Launch on Steam is just days away. We would like to discuss what will be available during this time period.

Early Access Vehicles:

We will be slowly making the library of vehicles available as we approach launch date to keep the racing balanced. The entire library will become available over the next 2 months.

Starting Vehicles:

-Angry Betty



-Mud Skipper

-Sweet Pedro

Early Access Levels:

Under construction: You may find some textures and levels constantly being updated and adjusted as we get user feedback and collect data on vehicles to better balance the races to keep it competitive.

Practice Mode:

One free level is available for practice not including the tutorial home track.

Online Racing:

All 20 race tracks will be open for racing and sorted out by racing que and style. Performance, Off-Road, and Mixed.

Early Access Garage Features:

The garage will be ever growing of content and upgradable vehicle customization. It status during Early Access will be completely open. However we will be pushing many quality of life features leading up to launch.

Early Access Customization:

A large variety of cosmetic updates will be available at launch. Please note that cosmetic updates have no barring on vehicle performance.

Vehicle Performance upgrades:

We will not have any vehicle performance updates during Early Access. We want to get player feedback as well as track statistical data

Stat Tracking and Leaderboards:

We will be working our way towards globalized leader boards as we begin to track and balance vehicles. This feature will not be available during the early stages of early access.


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Multiplayer status: The early access is live! Thank you for your contributions and please follow our discord for news and updates. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions and post bugs.