Taterbots! Patch 1/4/2020

Patch Early Access: 1/4/2020

We have completed and pushed the update to include AI powered bots on all of the practice tracks. This should give you a better understanding of racing in a group. Bots are currently set to overly aggressive, they will go out of their way to block or hit you during a passing attempt.

Upcoming Patch Notes:

The next patch will include improved performance and handling for all available vehicles. This will include a more predictable car on car collision as well as driving mechanics. Please note the game still lives in a hybrid world between real world and arcade style physics.

Torpedo Kills:

The ability to nitro other vehicles has been improved and will require less speed to torpedo your enemy. Improvements to control nitro will come in future patches. We suggest using nitro only for calculated maneuvers or on long straight-away.

Friends list and match making:

The next update will also include improved match making and friends list match making.


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Multiplayer status: The early access is live! Thank you for your contributions and please follow our discord for news and updates. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions and post bugs.